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The benefits of a scrapyard

What’s a scrapyard?

A scrapyard (also called a junkyard or wrecking yard) is a somewhat pejorative term for a vehicle recycling yard. In the past, a scrapyard was a lot filled with old vehicles piled up willy-nilly, like a car cemetery, but times have changed. You’ll find vehicles of all ages, some of which have been in accidents, some that haven’t, some of which run, and some that don’t. It’s an ideal place to find used parts at a great price.

Scrapyards: an economical choice

Replacing a defective part on a vehicle can prove to be a costly venture. However, it’s often possible to avoid buying a new part and opt for a used one instead, whether at a specialty shop or at a scrapyard. With the latter option, you’re assured of getting the best price on the part you need. For example, at Recyc-Auto, all you have to do is take the part you want off one of the vehicles in inventory and you’ll pay an incredible low price.

Scrapyards: one-stop shopping

Another advantage of a scrapyard to consider when purchasing a used part is the immediate availability of the part, in addition to the possibility of getting other parts in good condition from the same vehicle. Did you come for an alternator, but also have a ripped seat, a scratched door liner, a broken headlight and a missing sun visor? No problem! You can get everything you need for your vehicle in a single visit.

A high-tech scrapyard

Scrapyards have come a long way. Recyc-Auto doesn’t keep any secrets from you; our full inventory of automobiles can be viewed in real time on our website. New arrivals are added each day. If the vehicle you’re looking for isn’t there, all you have to do is register online and indicate the make and model of vehicle you’re interested in. As soon as one becomes available at Recyc-Auto, you’ll be sent an email notification that very same day.

Scrapyards enable you not only to get used parts without spending a fortune, but also offer you the possibility of selling your vehicle for the best price when the time comes. With Recyc-Auto, you can get a price in a matter of seconds. Let others benefit from your vehicle, whether it’s in working condition or not!