How we calculate the vehicle price? - Recyc-Auto


First of all, keep in mind that RECYC-AUTO is a recycler of motor vehicles and we are most interested in the metals that make up the vehicles (scrap metal, platinum, copper, lead, aluminum, etc.), as well as rubber, plastic and glass.

As a result, the scrap metal is the most important raw material in pricing your vehicle. The price is influenced by the weight of your vehicle, but also by the price of scrap metal in the international marketplace. In our database, each vehicle has a weight in tonnes.

Next, we check whether the components containing specific metals are still part of your vehicle. When a vehicle is complete, it will include:

  • Catalytic converter (platinum, palladium and rhodium);
  • One or more radiators (copper and aluminum);
  • Battery (lead);
  • Wheels (steel, aluminum and lead);
  • Tires (rubber);
  • Engine (steel and aluminum);
  • Transmission (steel and aluminum).

Please note that these components do not need to be operational, as we are only interested in the raw materials.

A complete vehicle with all its original components will fetch the maximum price. Depending on the parts that are missing, the price will be reduced accordingly.