Car recycling program – Recyc-Auto



When you decide to dispose of your vehicle, you should choose a recognized recycling company that respects environmental regulations and also respects you. That’s why you’ll prefer RECYC-AUTO car recycling program to the rest!

How our service works?

Follow these steps to ensure your vehicle is recycled in the best possible way:

Step 1

Contact us

The call centre staff will answer your questions and register you for our program, so you get the best price for your vehicle.

When you register, please have your vehicle identification number on hand (it has 17 characters and can be found on your vehicle registration certificate).

Tell us the name of the municipality where your vehicle is to be collected. Depending on location, your vehicle will either be picked up by us or by one of our accredited partners.

Next, inform us of the condition of your vehicle. Is it complete? Is it missing any parts that could reduce the price?

The following parts are most important to us:

  • Engine and transmission
  • Wheels and tires
  • Catalytic converter
  • Battery
  • Radiator

Please note that these components do not need to be operational, as we are only interested in the raw materials.

A complete vehicle with all its original components will fetch the maximum price. Depending on the parts that are missing, the price will be reduced accordingly.

Step 2

If you accept the price offered, a request will be forwarded to your local participating recycler, who will contact you by telephone within 24 hours of the next business day to schedule an appointment to collect your vehicle at a convenient date and time.

The price offered by RECYC-AUTO is 100% guaranteed for 72 hours after registration. The price is based on the information provided. For more information on how we determine the prices, please see the section How we calculate the vehicle price.

Step 3

On the day of your appointment at the agreed time, someone will come to tow your vehicle. You must give the towing company representative your registration certificate and keys to the vehicle.

In return, you will receive.

  • The agreed-upon sum of money by cheque or cash;
  • Your license plate;
  • A merchant transaction certificate (Attestation de transaction avec un commerçant -ATAC). This is an official receipt from the SAAQ that transfers your vehicle to the participating recycler and releases you from any responsibility for the vehicle. You must register this document at the SAAQ office nearest you in the days following the transaction.


Step 4

Your vehicle will now be towed to the nearest participating recycling centre. It will be inspected and resold on the used vehicle market, or it will be decontaminated in accordance with the standards laid out in the National Code of Practice for Automotive Recyclers Participating in the National Vehicle Recycling Program of Environment Canada.