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Auto recycling in Longueuil

You’re now the proud owner of a brand-new vehicle and need to sell your old automobile. However, it’s taking a long time to get rid of it. Perhaps it’s because of the mileage or the aging body or simply because it doesn’t run anymore. Even so, there’s a way you can easily dispose of your old vehicle in Longueuil: auto recycling. Thanks to the Recyc-Auto auto recycling center, selling your vehicle is easy, even if it’s non-operational or missing some of its parts. Residents of Longueuil, consider auto recycling, an efficient, ecological option that will enable you to drive away at the wheel of your new vehicle worry-free.

Recycling your auto in Longueuil is ecological

Did you know that your old vehicle could still be very useful? Auto recycling near Longueuil makes it possible to resell your vehicle’s used parts that are still in good condition to owners of similar vehicles looking to save a little money. Various vendors can then recycle the remaining 75 percent of the vehicle, including all the steel, aluminum and copper components, as well as the elements found in the catalytic converter, such as platinum and rhodium. Tires that are too worn to be resold will be recycled ecologically, and any toxic substances will be recovered and disposed of properly to avoid polluting the environment. This makes auto recycling an excellent option for residents of Longueuil who would like to quickly get rid of their old cars in a responsible manner.

Recycling your automobile in Longueuil is profitable

It’s often difficult to get a reasonable price for your vehicle in Longueuil, especially if it doesn’t run anymore. The advantage of auto recycling is that you can get a decent check simply by making a phone call. You just need to have your registration on hand and agree on a price and date with Recyc-Auto so we can come and pick up your vehicle in Longueuil. We already include the cost of towing, and you don’t have to travel to our center. That way, you can start enjoying your new vehicle sooner, while knowing that its predecessor is in good hands.

Recyc-Auto, your auto recycling center near Longueuil

Vehicle recycling is an ecological, profitable, hassle-free way to get rid of your old vehicle in Longueuil. At Recyc-Auto, we’re constantly looking to replenish our fleet of used vehicles. You can sell us your vehicle quickly anywhere in Quebec. Just give us a call.

Another way you can profit from vehicle recycling

Do you have a used vehicle in Longueuil that needs repairs? Do you have an automotive project in mind? Vehicle recycling gives you access to an entire fleet of used vehicles, just waiting to be dismantled for parts. You can even find a vehicle similar to yours online by checking out our inventory, which is updated daily. For more details, contact us, and it would be our pleasure to walk you through the process so you can start taking advantage of the benefits of auto recycling today.