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What’s a scrapyard?

A scrapyard (also called a junkyard or wrecking yard) is a somewhat pejorative term for a vehicle recycling yard. In the past, a scrapyard was a lot filled with old vehicles piled up willy-nilly, like a car cemetery, but times have changed. You’ll find vehicles of all ages, some of which have been in accidents, some that haven’t, some of which run, and some that don’t. It’s an ideal place to find used parts at a great price.

Scrapyards: an economical choice

Replacing a defective part on a vehicle can prove to be a costly venture. However, it’s often possible to avoid buying a new part and opt for a used one instead, whether at a specialty shop or at a scrapyard. With the latter option, you’re assured of getting the best price on the part you need. For example, at Recyc-Auto, all you have to do is take the part you want off one of the vehicles in inventory and you’ll pay an incredible low price.

Scrapyards: one-stop shopping

Another advantage of a scrapyard to consider when purchasing a used part is the immediate availability of the part, in addition to the possibility of getting other parts in good condition from the same vehicle. Did you come for an alternator, but also have a ripped seat, a scratched door liner, a broken headlight and a missing sun visor? No problem! You can get everything you need for your vehicle in a single visit.

A high-tech scrapyard

Scrapyards have come a long way. Recyc-Auto doesn’t keep any secrets from you; our full inventory of automobiles can be viewed in real time on our website. New arrivals are added each day. If the vehicle you’re looking for isn’t there, all you have to do is register online and indicate the make and model of vehicle you’re interested in. As soon as one becomes available at Recyc-Auto, you’ll be sent an email notification that very same day.

Scrapyards enable you not only to get used parts without spending a fortune, but also offer you the possibility of selling your vehicle for the best price when the time comes. With Recyc-Auto, you can get a price in a matter of seconds. Let others benefit from your vehicle, whether it’s in working condition or not!

When the time comes to say goodbye to your old vehicle, whether it’s still in working condition or not, it’s possible to give it a second life, whether by selling it to an individual or by calling Recyc-Auto to have it recycled. But what exactly happens when you send your auto to a vehicle recycling center? Recyc-Auto takes you behind the scenes of the recycling industry to help you understand that your old vehicle doesn’t have to become a rust bucket doomed to oblivion.

Recycled used parts

Even if no one seems interested in your old ride, there’s no doubt that there are motorists out there who could use some of its parts. Vehicle recycling makes it possible to offer used parts to the general public at a great price. The engine, transmission, alternator, battery, tires, rims, seats, radio, steering wheel, door liners and headlights… Most of your vehicle’s parts still have some life left in them. So you’ll most likely be helping more than one person. If the tires no longer meet regulations, Recyc Québec will collect them to prevent them from accumulating and causing a potential fire hazard.

Vehicle recycling: decontamination

Vehicles contain a good number of contaminants that, if not disposed of properly, can harm the environment and endanger our health. Recyc-Auto takes great care in separating each contaminant and disposing of it in an eco-responsible manner. Some of the contaminants found in vehicles include different types of oil, windshield wiper fluid, battery acid, antifreeze and Freon from the air conditioning system.

Raw materials from a recycled vehicle

Approximately 75 percent of your vehicle will be recycled. Numerous components will be removed and distributed to external companies that specialize in recycling specific materials. In this way, the aluminum, copper and steel contained in the body and rims of the vehicle will be recycled. Platinum and rhodium, metals contained in the catalytic converter, will also be sold to specialized companies for recycling.

The eco-responsible future of vehicle recycling

The fabric, upholstery, plastic and other trims and linings make up the 25 percent of your vehicle that won’t be recycled. In Europe, automobiles sent to a vehicle recycling yard are 95 percent recycled. This is the direction Recyc-Auto is heading. To sell your vehicle, get used parts or learn more about vehicle recycling, don’t hesitate to contact Recyc-Auto today!

Finally, you’re the owner of a new vehicle! However, your old car is still sitting in your yard and you can’t find a buyer, whether because the car doesn’t run or because it needs a new body. Auto recycling enables residents of Laval to finally get rid of their old vehicles with no trouble at all and even make a little profit in the process. Recyc-Auto has an auto recycling center near Laval that buys old vehicles in order to resell the used parts and reuse the raw materials. So it’s an ideal option for owners of a vehicle that won’t start anymore or that’s missing certain parts, as it can still be recycled. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this quick, ecological, hassle-free way to dispose of your old vehicle.

Auto recycling in Laval is ecological and beneficial

Auto recycling in Laval lets you give new life to your old car several times over. In fact, when you do business with an auto recycling center, you make it possible for numerous buyers to get used parts at a low price so they can repair their own vehicles. Several vendors will take what’s left of the car for its raw materials, including the steel and aluminum, as well as the specific components found in the catalytic converter, just to give a few examples. The tires can also be recycled ecologically. It’s a great way to get rid of your old vehicle instead of just letting it rot away in your yard in Laval!

Get paid for your old vehicle in Laval

Have you been trying to sell your vehicle in Laval, but no one seems to want it? Regardless of what condition your old ride may be in, whether it’s operational or not, the Recyc-Auto auto recycling center will offer you a check for it. All you need to do is call us and have your registration on hand. We can give you the best price for your vehicle, including the cost of coming to your home in Laval and towing the vehicle away. You don’t even need to travel to our location! You just have to make a phone call, and we’ll come to your home, pick up your vehicle and hand you a check. The transaction will be quick and profitable. We guarantee it!

Auto recycling center near Laval

Everyone can benefit from auto recycling. You can finally enjoy your new vehicle worry-free, thanks to our auto recycling center near Laval. You can also take advantage of auto recycling if your need to buy used parts for your vehicle. We have a large fleet of used vehicles at your disposition. Our parts are sold at an incredibly low price, so don’t miss out on the opportunity! Avoid paying full price for a radiator, a battery, a car seat or a door liner. Just check the availability of our parts in inventory and come pick up your part in person to save even more money. With auto recycling in Laval, everyone wins!

For more details, contact us, and it would be our pleasure to guide you through the process.

You’re now the proud owner of a brand-new vehicle and need to sell your old automobile. However, it’s taking a long time to get rid of it. Perhaps it’s because of the mileage or the aging body or simply because it doesn’t run anymore. Even so, there’s a way you can easily dispose of your old vehicle in Longueuil: auto recycling. Thanks to the Recyc-Auto auto recycling center, selling your vehicle is easy, even if it’s non-operational or missing some of its parts. Residents of Longueuil, consider auto recycling, an efficient, ecological option that will enable you to drive away at the wheel of your new vehicle worry-free.

Recycling your auto in Longueuil is ecological

Did you know that your old vehicle could still be very useful? Auto recycling near Longueuil makes it possible to resell your vehicle’s used parts that are still in good condition to owners of similar vehicles looking to save a little money. Various vendors can then recycle the remaining 75 percent of the vehicle, including all the steel, aluminum and copper components, as well as the elements found in the catalytic converter, such as platinum and rhodium. Tires that are too worn to be resold will be recycled ecologically, and any toxic substances will be recovered and disposed of properly to avoid polluting the environment. This makes auto recycling an excellent option for residents of Longueuil who would like to quickly get rid of their old cars in a responsible manner.

Recycling your automobile in Longueuil is profitable

It’s often difficult to get a reasonable price for your vehicle in Longueuil, especially if it doesn’t run anymore. The advantage of auto recycling is that you can get a decent check simply by making a phone call. You just need to have your registration on hand and agree on a price and date with Recyc-Auto so we can come and pick up your vehicle in Longueuil. We already include the cost of towing, and you don’t have to travel to our center. That way, you can start enjoying your new vehicle sooner, while knowing that its predecessor is in good hands.

Recyc-Auto, your auto recycling center near Longueuil

Vehicle recycling is an ecological, profitable, hassle-free way to get rid of your old vehicle in Longueuil. At Recyc-Auto, we’re constantly looking to replenish our fleet of used vehicles. You can sell us your vehicle quickly anywhere in Quebec. Just give us a call.

Another way you can profit from vehicle recycling

Do you have a used vehicle in Longueuil that needs repairs? Do you have an automotive project in mind? Vehicle recycling gives you access to an entire fleet of used vehicles, just waiting to be dismantled for parts. You can even find a vehicle similar to yours online by checking out our inventory, which is updated daily. For more details, contact us, and it would be our pleasure to walk you through the process so you can start taking advantage of the benefits of auto recycling today.

Purchasing a new vehicle is always exciting. On the other hand, selling the old vehicle can be a real headache. Luckily, residents of Montreal can take advantage of auto recycling. In fact, you can sell your old vehicle to an auto recycling center near Montreal even if the engine doesn’t work or if several of the parts are damaged. This ecological option will allow you to enjoy your new vehicle with no worries. Recyc-Auto would like to help by shedding some light on the subject of auto recycling.

Ecological and beneficial auto recycling in Montreal

If you think that your old vehicle will be compacted into a little cube of scrap metal, you better think again. Auto recycling in Montreal makes it possible to recover the many raw materials that make up your vehicle, in addition to offering a variety of used parts to interested buyers. It’s also very important to decontaminate your vehicle to prevent the pollutants from harming the environment or ending up in our waterways. With auto recycling, you can rest assured that your old vehicle in Montreal will be disposed of ecologically and responsibly in a recycling center.

Get paid for your old vehicle in Montreal

Are you having trouble getting rid of your old vehicle that no one wants in Montreal? Even if the body is damaged or the engine won’t start, it’s no problem for an auto recycling center, which will allow you to dispose of your old vehicle regardless of the condition it’s in. Demand the best price for your ride; call Recyc-Auto to find out how much it’s worth. We’ll quote you a price that includes the cost of towing your old vehicle in Montreal to our recycling center. The transaction will be quick, easy and profitable.

Auto recycling center near Montreal

Getting the best price for your old auto has never been easier. All you have to do is call the Recyc-Auto vehicle recycling center and make sure you have your vehicle registration. You’ll then be able to agree on a price for your vehicle and set a date for it to be towed from Montreal to our recycling center. When the tow truck arrives, just hand over your vehicle and the registration and you’ll get a check. That’s all there is to it! Your old ride will be in good hands; most of the parts and raw materials will end up being reused. And you’ll be able to drive your new vehicle with your mind at ease.

Other ways you can benefit from auto recycling

Auto recycling can benefit everyone! If you own a vehicle in Montreal that needs repairs, you can save money by calling Recyc-Auto to find out what used parts we have in stock. Our extensive car lot could help you save several hundred dollars on parts. You can even check out our inventory online. Just enter your email address and you’ll get an alert whenever a new vehicle is added to our fleet. With auto recycling, everyone wins!

For more details, contact us. It would be our pleasure to guide you through the process.

Getting a new vehicle is an exciting event. However, it’s often accompanied by the anxiety of not knowing what to do with your old one. This is exactly where vehicle recycling comes into play. Whether your old vehicle works or not and whether or not it’s missing any parts, you can get rid of it easily and ecologically by taking it to an auto recycling center, such as Recyc-Auto. Have you already considered that option? Recyc-Auto explains the basics of vehicle recycling to you so you can make an informed decision.

Vehicle recycling: an ecological choice

Your old vehicle might just have some use left in it. Vehicle recycling not only makes it possible to recover any parts that are in good condition so they can be used in other vehicles, but also provides a wealth of raw materials that can be reused in a variety of ways, whether in the automotive industry or elsewhere. Did you know that your vehicle contains a number of chemicals that can harm the environment if they aren’t disposed of properly? By taking your used vehicle to an auto recycling center, you’re ensuring that all the components will be handled in an environmentally responsible way.

Vehicle recycling: a profitable choice

Were you unable to get a reasonable price for your old vehicle? Are you unable to sell it because it doesn’t work? By recycling your vehicle at Recyc-Auto, you’ll get the best price for it, no matter what kind of shape it’s in. And you don’t even need to worry about transporting it because our price already includes the cost of towing. Your transaction won’t only be profitable; it will also be worry-free.

Recyc-Auto, your auto recycling center

Vehicle recycling is an ecological, profitable, worry-free way to get rid of your old vehicle. The steps to getting it done are simple: just call the Recyc-Auto vehicle recycling center and make sure you have your vehicle registration. Together, we’ll agree on a price and a date to come pick up the vehicle. Once we arrive, all you have to do is give us the Certificate of Title and we’re good to go. The license plates will be removed, and your vehicle will be towed away, giving you the luxury of enjoying your new vehicle knowing that the old one is in good hands.

Vehicle recycling: another way to win!

Do you have a used vehicle that needs repairs? Do you have an automotive project in mind? Vehicle recycling gives you access to an entire fleet of used vehicles, just waiting to be dismantled for parts. At Recyc-Auto, there are no secrets. All of our vehicles are displayed on our website in real time so you can easily find the parts you need. Pretty practical, right?

For more details, contact us, and it would be our pleasure to guide you in your efforts.

There are numerous used vehicles in Montreal, and at Recyc-Auto, we’re constantly searching for vehicles—generally more than eight years old—to stock our auto recycling yard, which contains several hundred vehicles. Whether these old vehicles are in working condition or not, they can provide numerous benefits to our company, which will give them a second life before sending their frames to the scrapyard. Even if certain parts don’t work, they can still be recycled for their raw materials. So it’s not too late for you to get rid of your old car or old pickup. You can still benefit from it, even if some of the parts are missing or don’t work.

Scrapping pays off for everyone!

When you want to get rid of your used vehicle in Montreal, consider calling Recyc-Auto to find out how much we’ll give you for it. The price will vary according to the year and model of the vehicle, its general condition and whether or not it’s missing any parts. The most important ones are the engine, the transmission, the catalytic converter, the radiator and the battery, as well as the wheels and tires. Once we’ve reached an agreement, we’ll tow the vehicle to our scrapyard in Napierville, near Montreal. We can come get your vehicle no matter where you are in Quebec. Once your vehicle reaches our auto recycling center in Napierville, it will be decontaminated, and then all of the parts that are still in good condition will be resold to people who need them for their vehicles. On our website, there’s a listing of the vehicles we have in inventory. Once the usable parts have been removed, the scrap metal will be distributed to numerous subcontractors, who will recycle the raw materials. So scrapping your old vehicle no longer means that it will be crushed into a little ball of metal. Times have changed! Its life will go on. All of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals will be redistributed to specialized centers to be made into new auto parts or other items for everyday use. As for the tires, if they’re in good condition, they’ll be resold. Otherwise, Recyc-Auto will collect them to prevent them from piling up and creating a fire hazard.

Take part in vehicle recycling

Don’t think that your vehicle is ready for the junkyard just because it stops running. Auto recycling has become increasingly important to help prevent waste. In fact, 75 percent of your vehicle can currently be recycled. And soon, it will be possible to recycle even more of the materials. At Recyc-Auto, we’re always in search of new ways to innovate our auto recycling process. We encourage you to contact us if you’d like to sell us your vehicle, and please feel free to check out our inventory if you’d like to get used parts at a great price.

That’s it! Your old car is ready to give up the ghost. Rusty and in very poor working condition, it has seen better days. In short, your car is, as they say, ready for the scrap heap! Since it’s just wasting away in a corner of your yard anyway, why not try to get a little money out of it? With car recycling, you can get rid of your car quickly and easily, while getting paid for it. But how do scrapyards determine the vehicle’s value?

The raw materials from your old car

Even if your old car is ready for the scrap heap—maybe it won’t start anymore or maybe some of the parts are defective—it’s still of great value to car recycling companies. After all, the raw materials from the car are what these companies are most interested in. This means that your vehicle can be recycled for the raw materials it contains (steel, lead, aluminum, rubber, etc.) as long as it still has certain specific parts (the engine, transmission, catalytic converter, tires, wheels, radiator and battery), regardless of whether they work or not. So the value of your scrap car will depend on the number of missing parts. The fewer parts it’s missing, the better!

The price of scrap metal

Besides the number of parts your scrap car is missing, the current price of scrap metal also plays an important role in determining how much money you can make. Because metal in general is the primary material in an carmobile, the market price of that metal has a direct influence on the price you’ll get for your ride. Likewise, the total weight of your vehicle will affect its value. The weight is recorded on your registration and doesn’t change in relation to the condition of the vehicle.

While the price of scrap metal and the number of missing parts both influence how much you’ll get for your scrap car, there are a number of other factors that don’t necessarily have an impact. For example, the year and model of your vehicle don’t change its value, although a heavier model will pay more, of course. The general condition of your vehicle isn’t necessarily important either. A little rust or a few scratches and dents here and there won’t be taken into consideration since the body is going to be recycled rather than restored.

How to go about selling your scrap car

When you decide to get rid of your scrap car, all you have to do is follow a few easy steps. Just call Recyc-Auto to learn the value of your vehicle according to the year, model and weight. And don’t forget to mention whether or not it’s missing any parts. Whether your ride runs or not, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best price for it. The quoted price is guaranteed for 72 hours, and the cost of towing is already covered. No matter where you live in Quebec, it’s very likely that Recyc-Auto can come and pick up your vehicle with no problem.