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Vehicle recycling: my car’s 2nd life

When the time comes to say goodbye to your old vehicle, whether it’s still in working condition or not, it’s possible to give it a second life, whether by selling it to an individual or by calling Recyc-Auto to have it recycled. But what exactly happens when you send your auto to a vehicle recycling center? Recyc-Auto takes you behind the scenes of the recycling industry to help you understand that your old vehicle doesn’t have to become a rust bucket doomed to oblivion.

Recycled used parts

Even if no one seems interested in your old ride, there’s no doubt that there are motorists out there who could use some of its parts. Vehicle recycling makes it possible to offer used parts to the general public at a great price. The engine, transmission, alternator, battery, tires, rims, seats, radio, steering wheel, door liners and headlights… Most of your vehicle’s parts still have some life left in them. So you’ll most likely be helping more than one person. If the tires no longer meet regulations, Recyc Québec will collect them to prevent them from accumulating and causing a potential fire hazard.

Vehicle recycling: decontamination

Vehicles contain a good number of contaminants that, if not disposed of properly, can harm the environment and endanger our health. Recyc-Auto takes great care in separating each contaminant and disposing of it in an eco-responsible manner. Some of the contaminants found in vehicles include different types of oil, windshield wiper fluid, battery acid, antifreeze and Freon from the air conditioning system.

Raw materials from a recycled vehicle

Approximately 75 percent of your vehicle will be recycled. Numerous components will be removed and distributed to external companies that specialize in recycling specific materials. In this way, the aluminum, copper and steel contained in the body and rims of the vehicle will be recycled. Platinum and rhodium, metals contained in the catalytic converter, will also be sold to specialized companies for recycling.

The eco-responsible future of vehicle recycling

The fabric, upholstery, plastic and other trims and linings make up the 25 percent of your vehicle that won’t be recycled. In Europe, automobiles sent to a vehicle recycling yard are 95 percent recycled. This is the direction Recyc-Auto is heading. To sell your vehicle, get used parts or learn more about vehicle recycling, don’t hesitate to contact Recyc-Auto today!