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What happens when you scrap your vehicle?

There are numerous used vehicles in Montreal, and at Recyc-Auto, we’re constantly searching for vehicles—generally more than eight years old—to stock our auto recycling yard, which contains several hundred vehicles. Whether these old vehicles are in working condition or not, they can provide numerous benefits to our company, which will give them a second life before sending their frames to the scrapyard. Even if certain parts don’t work, they can still be recycled for their raw materials. So it’s not too late for you to get rid of your old car or old pickup. You can still benefit from it, even if some of the parts are missing or don’t work.

Scrapping pays off for everyone!

When you want to get rid of your used vehicle in Montreal, consider calling Recyc-Auto to find out how much we’ll give you for it. The price will vary according to the year and model of the vehicle, its general condition and whether or not it’s missing any parts. The most important ones are the engine, the transmission, the catalytic converter, the radiator and the battery, as well as the wheels and tires. Once we’ve reached an agreement, we’ll tow the vehicle to our scrapyard in Napierville, near Montreal. We can come get your vehicle no matter where you are in Quebec. Once your vehicle reaches our auto recycling center in Napierville, it will be decontaminated, and then all of the parts that are still in good condition will be resold to people who need them for their vehicles. On our website, there’s a listing of the vehicles we have in inventory. Once the usable parts have been removed, the scrap metal will be distributed to numerous subcontractors, who will recycle the raw materials. So scrapping your old vehicle no longer means that it will be crushed into a little ball of metal. Times have changed! Its life will go on. All of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals will be redistributed to specialized centers to be made into new auto parts or other items for everyday use. As for the tires, if they’re in good condition, they’ll be resold. Otherwise, Recyc-Auto will collect them to prevent them from piling up and creating a fire hazard.

Take part in vehicle recycling

Don’t think that your vehicle is ready for the junkyard just because it stops running. Auto recycling has become increasingly important to help prevent waste. In fact, 75 percent of your vehicle can currently be recycled. And soon, it will be possible to recycle even more of the materials. At Recyc-Auto, we’re always in search of new ways to innovate our auto recycling process. We encourage you to contact us if you’d like to sell us your vehicle, and please feel free to check out our inventory if you’d like to get used parts at a great price.